NIST Environment....

The mission of our NIST Technological Education Centre is to provide accessible and relevant that are directly applicable to the environment in which our students who will become responsible citizens in their communities in the days to come.                                                                         

Quality and Conditions are at the heart of NIST value system. Our institute is affiliated to  Andhra      University    and approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Govt. of India,New Delhi. The   faculty  programs  and   courses are subjected to appraisals on a regular basis in consultation with the advisory board, comprised of distinguished business and acedamic leaders. Our programs are constantly upgraded   to reflect the rapidly evolving needs of our students  and  their  employers. NIST   is   an  English   Medium Post-Graduate  institute  situated in  the  midst  &  heart  of  industrial arena where major power, steel, ship building and world's most industrial  cosmopolitan  city.

We  also maintain close relationship with a wide variety of international renowned  companies   and   organizations.   Thus   safe   and   culturally  rich  nature  of   our   city   has  helped  us to create  a  special  environment  in  which  diversity  and  openness  are  not  only  valued   but are a way of life,  where  NIST  is  located  in  Manthripalem,  near  Lankelapalem Jn.  known  as   power   Jn. of employable    students  &  executives  in  Industrial  hub  of  the  state  of  Andhra Pradesh.


NIST at a glance....

Make the right choice - choose MCA / MBA to enrich the education    that defines as the turbo student- there are few important factors you should consider before enrolling in NIST that will take you away from your home.

In fact that in today's global market place, business deals are conducted between people and companies of many different backgrounds. As a student, your whole learning experience is magnified by constant immersion in different culture.

Joining NIST is like getting a Business degree. You will develop cultural sensitivities that will help you in any international dealings.

NIST in other words will give you the international experience rather than just read & write  about  it, day  in and day out. Then, when  you're  ready to take on the challenges  of corporate life , you'll feel comfortable doing business in India, USA, Europe, S.E. Asia, etc.

Another consideration is the place where NIST is located in the serenity , is very beautiful. The  institute  is located   in    suburban  area  of   a large city, safe   for  student living   alone,  with diverse  culture  and  it's  residents  are  open  to  visitors  and  international  students  of  different origins.

If you want to get away from the hustle bustle of urban living, you can escape to nearby mountains . Once you are there, you can experience the beautiful country-side.


What is special about NIST ?

  • English   Language   Certificate  &  Study  Abroad  Program Certificate - P.G. Program (NRI Students)

  • (a)  Synonym   Techniques  that   surpassed  the  expectations of potential parent comprising soothing  ambiance  and  congenial   atmosphere
    (b) Equipped  with  Hi-tech teaching aids, which include Audio Video equipment, massive CD Library for  total  comprehensibility  coupled  with  most  teaching  methodologies

  • Seminars  by  experienced  and  highly  qualified  academicians.

  • Students'  activities  of  athletic  programs.

  • Home  stay  program,  student  residence  and off campus housing .

  • Well  equipped  library,  labs,  theatre,  etc.

  • Safe  supportive  and  friendly  community,  yet  close to major  metropolis  area.

  • Above  all,  good    climate,   pollution   free environment and cool summer in serene location surrounding  greenery  beneath  your  feet  with  carpet  grass.


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