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1. The unit of the quantity of electricity is ………………..

2.What is the formula to be used to find the power, if the current & voltage value are known ?

3. Which material is commonly used as conductor?

4. Ohm’s law does not apply to

5. power is defined as …………..

6. 1 HP= ………………. Watt

7. The unit of flux density is ………..

8. what is the unit of permeability ?

9. which rule is to be applied to find the direction of magnetic flux ?

10. which magnetic term is the analogous ( similar) to the electrical of current

11. Flemings right hand rule is to identify the

12. temporary magnets are made of …..

13. what is the permeability of diamagnetic material ?

14. tesla is the s.i unit of …………..

15. the tubes of force within the magnetic material is known as …………….

16. the relative permeability of a Ferro magnetic material is ………

17. the relative permeability of vacuums…

18. Conductivity is analogous to.

19. the most commonly used all is

20. The capacity of a lead acid cell does not depend on its.

21. The capacity of a storage cell is measured in.

22. When a cell is charging

23. The formation of the hydrogen bobbies around the carbon electrode in a dry Cell is.

24. The e.m.f of a storage battery depends upon.

25. The ampere hour capacity of a battery depends on.

26. 4 cells of 1.5v each are connected in the o/p voltage is.

27. The common impurity in the electrolyte of lead-acid batter is.

28. Brushes are used.

29. The e.m.f equation of the DC generator which is haring simplex wave wound armature is.

30. High voltage DC machine use ------------------ winding

31. The commutator of a dc generator act as

32. The input side of the single phase transformer is called as.

33. What is the formula for the transformation ratio (k) of the single phase transformer

34. The colour of the fresh silicon gel used in breather of the transformer is.

35. In a transformer, the energy is transferred from primary to secondary

36. The transformer ratings are usually expressed in terms of

37. which winding in a transformer has more number of turns

38. The unit of capacitance is

39. Active power is measured in

40. The ratio of resistance and impedance is called

41. What is SI units of resistance

42. Reciprocal of resistance is called

43. Rheostat is which type of resistor

44. Resistance is used to

45. In a closed circuit 2 resistance are connected to parallel combination

46. Ohm’s law is v=RI is applicable to

47. Given four 1 Ώ resistors , state how they must be connected to given an overall resistance of

48. Which method is used to for the measurement of low resistance

49. The reciprocal of the frequency is known as

50. The mean value of alternating current for one Complete cycle is